Candidate Info


APRIL 4, 2017


COUNCIL MEMBER, WARD 1 (Four year term)

  1. REPUBLICAN -John Easton
  2. REPUBLICAN -Holden Barrett
  3. REPUBLICAN -Stacie Cannon

COUNCIL MEMBER, WARD 2 (Four year term)

  1. REPUBLICAN -Brian Guthrie
  2. REPUBLICAN -David Crago


COUNCIL MEMBER, WARD 1 (Four year term)

  1. REPUBLICAN -Debra Y. Wimpee
  2. DEMOCRAT -Richard Carter

COUNCIL MEMBER, WARD 2 (Four year term)

  1. REPUBLICAN -Craig Thurmond
  2. REPUBLICAN -Rick E Thomas


COUNCILMEMBER, WARD 1 (Four year term)

  1. REPUBLICAN -Timothy Lee Fox

COUNCILMEMBER, WARD 2 (Four year term)

  1. REPUBLICAN -Momodou Ceesay

COUNCILMEMBER, WARD 4 Unexpired term (Two years of unexpired 4 year term)

  1. REPUBLICAN -Jacqueline Lund


COUNCILMEMBER, WARD NO. 3 (Four year term)

  1. REPUBLICAN -Craig Murray
  2. REPUBLICAN -Kevin Rowland

COUNCILMEMBER, WARD NO. 4 (Four year term)

  1. REPUBLICAN -Joshua Wedman
  2. LIBERTARIAN -David Wilson

COUNCILMEMBER, WARD NO. 6 (Four year term)

  1. REPUBLICAN -Cory Box
  2. DEMOCRAT -Greg Bowman


  1. REPUBLICAN -Kelly Dunkerley
  2. INDEPENDENT -Robert Lee
  3. STRICKEN FROM BALLOT Donna Ogez 12120 S. 14th Ct 11-11-62 Jenks, OK 74037


COUNCILMEMBER, WARD 1 (Four year term)

  1. REPUBLICAN -Herb Forbes
  2. INDEPENDENT -Cody Fuentes

COUNCILMEMBER, WARD 2 (Four year term)

  1. REPUBLICAN -David Sutherland

COUNCILMEMBER, WARD 5 (Four year term)

  1. DEMOCRAT -Patty Ceska
  2. REPUBLICAN -Jesse Brewer


Vote for 3 THREE TOWN TRUSTEES (Four year terms)

  1. DEMOCRAT -Roger L. Johnson
  2. REPUBLICAN -Bill Butler
  3. DEMOCRAT -Robert Morton
  4. DEMOCRAT -Kelly Wensman

State House of Representatives

District 75 Special Election

Candidate Filing Information

Candidate Filing Period:

  • Monday, February 27, 8:00 A.M. – 5:00 P.M.
  • Tuesday, February 28, 8:00 A.M. – 5:00 P.M.
  • Wednesday, March 1, 8:00 A.M.  – 5:00 P.M.

Where to File State Election Board —

  • Candidates for State Representative file Declarations of Candidacy with the Secretary of the State Election Board at the State Capitol Building, 2300 N Lincoln Boulevard, Room B-6, Oklahoma City.

Filing Fee or Petition—

  • A cashier’s check or certified check made payable to the Secretary of the State Election Board shall accompany the Declaration of Candidacy. Cash cannot be accepted. The non-refundable filing fee for State Representative is $200.00.
  • In lieu of a fee, a petition supporting the candidacy that is signed by four percent (4%) of the registered voters eligible to vote for the candidate in the first election wherein the candidate’s name could appear on the ballot may be submitted with a Declaration of Candidacy.

Special Primary Election:

  • Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Special General Election (if needed):

  • Tuesday, July 11, 2017

If a Special Primary Election is not needed, the Special General Election will be:

  • Tuesday, May 9, 2017.

 Click below to view the complete Candidate Filing Packet for Distric 75.

Candidate Filing Packet State Representative Dist 75



Oklahomans For Life – ELECTION Alert
November 7th, 2016
Candidate-Survey Information
Posted for Tuesday’s General Election;
National Right to Life Assessment Below 
Candidates for the Oklahoma state legislature in Tuesday’s General Election have been surveyed by Oklahomans For Life about pro-life issues. Their responses are on our website, www.OkForLife.orgunder Candidate Surveys, or may be seen by clicking here.Regarding the Retention Ballot for Oklahoma Supreme Court justices, please note that the members of the Oklahoma Supreme Court – including those on the Retention Ballot – have repeatedly, arbitrarily, relentlessly handed down pro-abortion rulings. They even killed a pro-life law which would have promoted ultrasounds, even though a federal appeals court upheld a very similar law from Texas. A mother who sees an ultrasound of her baby is much less likely to have an abortion. Babies are dying every day in Oklahoma because the state Supreme Court struck down this law.Our state Supreme Court is so notoriously pro-abortion that when the abortion industry challenges a pro-life law, they file suit in state court rather than federal court, because our Oklahoma Supreme Court is more pro-abortion than the federal courts.In congressional races, Senator James Lankford and all five Oklahoma members of the U.S. House of Representatives – Steve Russell, Tom Cole, Frank Lucas, Markwayne Mullin, and Jim Bridenstine – have been endorsed for reelection by the National Right to Life Committee.On the presidential race, National Right to Life has posted the following:“Hillary Clinton wants to force you to pay for abortion with your tax dollars. Donald Trump opposes using your tax dollars to pay for abortion, and he opposes abortion on demand.

“Hillary Clinton supports abortion on demand, even late in pregnancy.

“While Hillary Clinton has pledged to appoint only pro-abortion justices to the U.S. Supreme Court, Donald Trump has pledged to appoint only pro-life U.S. Supreme Court Justices.

“There is a stark contrast between the Presidential candidates on abortion.”For more information, click here.

Tony Lauinger, State Chairman

 2016-1108                                                                                                GENERAL ELECTION BALLOT



Donald TRUMP, R, 70,                                         Gary JOHNSON, L, 63,                                                                Hillary CLINTON, D, 69,


 James LANKFORD, R, 73008;; 405-509-1182; Robert MURPHY, L, 73070; facebook/murphyforsenate; 405-447-4754h           Mike WORKMAN, D, 74135;; 918-299-7827h     Mark T BEARD, I, facebook/marktbeardforussenate; 405-773-3045h;             Sean BRADDY, I, 45, 73069; facebook/braddyforsenate; 405-360-1014h



Vic REGALADO, R, 45,; 918-346-6255;              Rex BERRY, D; 66, 74114;; 918-446-1063h

Court Clerk

Donald Newberry, R                            John Andrew, D

County Comm, D-2;

Josh TURLEY, R,  TurleyforCommissioner; 918-852-5674                    Karen KEITH, D, 63,; 918-749-1254h



Joe NEWHOUSE, R, 38,; 357-9033 Robert FOUNDS, D, 42,74008; facebook/founds4senate25; 918-366-2159

SS-29 – OPEN-

Julie DANIELS, R, 62, facebook/Julie.Daniels; 918-333-8062           Robert JOBE, D, 65, 74027; no phone

SS-33 –

Nathan DAHM, R, 33, 918-615-2335               Kimberly FOBBS, D, 51, 74145;; 918-324-6034+


Gary STANISLAWSKI, R;74136; facebook/garystanislawski;              D.Frank GROVE, L, 29,74119; facebook/frankgroveforrevolution;        Thomas RYAN, D, 41, 74114; facebook/thomasryan; 918-605-1872h


Dan NEWBERRY, R, 40, 918-830-7834                     Lloyd SNOW, D, 65, 74063;; 918-766-9573                          Shawn W KETCHER, I, 31, 74063; facebook/shawnwayne13; 918-551-7325

SS-39 – OPEN

Dave RADER, R, 59,; 749-2082                       John WALDRON, D, 47, 74112;; 918-850-8918+


 SH-12 – OPEN

Kevin MCDUGLE, R, 48, 74014;;918-576-6100  Darla MILLIGAN, D, 53, 74467;;     918-973-1912

SH-23 –

Terry O’DONNELL, R, FB/representativeterryodonnell 918-574-2355      Keith WELCH Sr, D, 62, 74129;       no listing                     918-664-5243h

SH-66 –

Jadine NOLLAN, R, 405-557-7390                  Dianna PHILLIPS, D, 65, 74063;   ;      918-245-6430

SH-67 –

Scott MCEACHIN, R, 918-298-2415                     Zac DAVIS, L, 42, 74137; no listing                         918-640-7758h                            Lori Decter WRIGHT, D, 41, 74133;;         no phone


Chuck STROHM, R, 51, 74037;; 405-557-7331          Paul SULLIVAN, D, 55, 74037;; 918-298-7737

SH-70 – OPEN –

Carol BUSH, R, 55, 74105;; 918-381-1961 Tamara MORTON, L, 35, 74114;                                                                                        Joe JENNINGS, D, 45, 74105;;       918-313-4442h;

71 –SH-

Katie HENKE, R, 35, 74105;;    918-361-3050              Millie Hardesty YORK, D, 57, fb/milliehardestyyork;        918-698-8307


Leland COLE, R, 60, 74126;           no listing         918-425-1021h          Regina GOODWIN, D, 53,;   918-960-2014+

SH-74 – OPEN –

Dale DERBY, R, 67, 74055; no listing      918-272-5427h                              Jeri MOBERLY, D, 55, 74055;;   918-698-2155

SH-75 –

Dan KIRBY, R, 57, 74146;  ;      405-557-7356     Karen GADDIS, D, 66, 74145;; 918-252-4190h;

SH-76 –

David BRUMBAUGH, R, 55,;  918-286-7176      Glenda PUETT, D, 67, 74012; fb/glendapuettforHD76;       918-251-8286h;

SH-78 – OPEN –

Molly MCKAY, R, 62,; 918-550-3099+                        Eugene BELL, L, 55, 74145;             no listing                     918-438-4431                    Meloyde BLANCETT, D, 60,;         no phone

SH-79 –

Weldon WATSON, R, 74136;; 405-557-7330  Teresa MARLER, I,  fb/teresamarlerfofoklahomahousedistrict79; 815-0087h

SH-80 –

Mike RITZE, R, 74011;;          918-455-3503                        Tom BATES, D, 74011;;   918-455-6495

August 23 Primary Runoff Elections

Republican voters will go to the polls Tuesday, August 23, 2016 for the State & County Runoff Primary Elections for State Senate District 25, State Senate District 39, State House District 67, and Tulsa County Court Clerk.


Court Clerk  



State Senate 


Lisa KRAMER               

State Senate – 39 


Amanda TEEGARDEN            

State House – 67



Also on August 23 will be a Special Utility Franchise Election for the City of Jenks and a Special Bond Election for the City of Bixby. 

Tulsa County early in-person absentee voters will have the opportunity to vote at either the Tulsa County Election Board office, 555 North Denver Avenue, Tulsa, or Hardesty Library, 8316 East 93 Street, Tulsa. Early voting hours at both locations will be from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Thursday, August 18 and Friday, August 19, and also from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday, August 20. – Polls will be open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. election day, Tuesday, August 23.


PRIMARY – JUNE 28,           RUNOFF – AUG 23               GENERAL – NOV 8



Congressional District 1 –

Jim BRIDENSTINE (Incumbent)

Tom ATKINSON                                

Evelyn ROGERS                                          



County Clerk – OPEN SEAT –

Michael WILLIS                       

Nancy ROTHMAN                   

Court Clerk – OPEN SEAT –


Donald NEWBERRY                      

Ron PHILLIPS                                  

Sheriff –

Vic REGALADO  (Incumbent)  

Russell CROW                                 

Luke SHERMAN                             


County Commissioner District 2 –

Josh R. TURLEY                                       JoshTurleyforCountyCommissioner

Jonathan GRABLE                        



State Senate – 25 – OPEN SEAT –

Bob JACK                                      

Joe NEWHOUSE                        

Craig MURRAY                           

Lisa KRAMER                                                               


State Senate – 33 –

Nathan DAHM (Incumbent)

Patrick PERSHING                   

Larry CURTIS                                                       


State Senate – 37–

Dan NEWBERRY (Incumbent)

Brian JACKSON                            

**Jackson has been denied resources from the OKGOP and Tulsa Republican Party for his public support of Democrat candidate Lloyd Snow and has publicly stated that he and Snow are ” working together as a team” to defeat incumbent Dan Newberry.

Paula PATTERSON                     


State Senate – 39 – OPEN SEAT –

Rick POPLIN                               

Dave RADER                               

Alan STAAB                                 

Amanda TEEGARDEN                                 



State House – 30 – OPEN SEAT–

Mark LAWSON                             



State House – 66 –

Jadine NOLLAN (Incumbent)  

Emily G. DELOZIER                      


State House – 67 – OPEN SEAT–

Tom MCCLOUD                             

Scott MCEACHIN                         

John T. CROISANT                       


State House –70 –

Ken WALKER  (Incumbent)            

Carol BUSH                                                                         


CITY of TULSA OFFICES (Non-Partisan)


It has been reported and confirmed election officials in precinct 72039 were turning away Republican voters from 7-8:30 a.m., telling voters “Republicans can not vote in the Mayor’s race.” If you were turned away, please return to your polling place and vote for Mayor Bartlett.  The situation has been rectified.  The authorities are investigating.  If anyone else has experienced similar forms of discrimination,  please contact the Tulsa Police Department, Tulsa Election Board or the Tulsa Republican Party immediately.

Dewey BARTLETT – R  (Incumbent)

**Dewey Bartlett has been endorsed by Senator Jim Inhoff, Tom Coburn, National Right to Life and the Tulsa Republican Leadership Committees.

G.T. BYNUM – R                                    

**G.T. Bynum has been endorsed by Tulsa’s most prominent democrats such as: Kathy Taylor, Susan Savage, Tulsa Democrat Chair Jo Glenn, Judy Eason McIntyre, and several other former Tulsa Democrat Chairs.

Tom E. MCCAY – R                               


Paul TAY – D                                


City Council-03

David PATRICK – D (Incumbent) 

Araceli R. TIGER – D                          

Jim RICE Jr. – R                                   


City Council-04

Blake EWING – R (Incumbent)     

** “I am a registered Republican that votes like a Democrat 90% of the time.” -Blake Ewing

Sam WALKER – R                             

Michael HASKINS – D



City Council-06

Connie DODSON – D  (Incumbent)

Skip STEELE – R                             

Allen W BRANCH – R                    




VOTE on Tuesday, April 5, 2016!

 Tulsa County Sheriff Election:

vic-homepgNo-nonsense and direct, Vic Regalado has done almost every job in police work and compiled an impeccable record.

He was lead homicide detective in 81 homicides, including some of the region’s highest profile cases. Cracking down on violence, Vic supervises a Special Investigations Gang Unit, served on the Tulsa Police SWAT team for nearly a decade, and has been an instructor for the Council on Law Enforcement and Education Training (CLEET). He teaches the proper use of deadly force, victim interview strategies and proper suspect interrogation.

Fellow officers say Sgt. Regalado is a unique instructor, because he has done the jobs he’s now preparing others to do. Vic was awarded one of the highest honors for a police officer. In 2004, he received the Medal of Valor after he risked his own life, going above and beyond the call of duty. Vic also has earned the Lifesaving Award, and was named Officer of the Year by the Insurance Professionals of Tulsa.

Visit Vic Regalado’s website.

Tulsa GOP Chair Warns Gun Owners, Conservatives 
Liberal Democrat Rex Berry Favors “San Francisco-style Values”

Ahead of Tuesday’s historic election to choose a new Tulsa County Sheriff for the first time in almost three decades, Republican Party of Tulsa County Chairman Mike Ford issued a dire warning in a statement Monday for all voters in Tulsa County, not just Republicans.

Read more about democrat Rex Barry.

Ballot Measures:

imagesThe Vision ballot propositions, which vary in projects from city to city across Tulsa County, will essentially extend the previous Vision tax rates. In some cases, making the tax rates permanent. A vote YES would approve keeping our tax rates at their current level, while a vote NO would trigger an immediate reduction in our tax rates in Tulsa County.

For more information to get both sides of this issue, visit these websites: