Warning: Democrat Rex Berry

Tulsa GOP Chair Warns Gun Owners, Conservatives 
Liberal Democrat Rex Berry Favors “San Francisco-style Values”

Tulsa, OK, – Ahead of Tuesday’s historic election to choose a new Tulsa County Sheriff for the first time in almost three decades, Republican Party of Tulsa County Chairman Mike Ford issued a dire warning in a statement Monday for all voters in Tulsa County, not just Republicans.

We always make a push for Republicans voters to get out and support our nominee in partisan elections, particularly in Special Elections like this, when the voter turnout is very low and Democrats have the best chance to pull off an upset in “Red” districts. This opponent is very different from your typical Oklahoma Democrat running for office. Most of us here share many of the same basic values regardless of party affiliation, splitting ideologically along the lines of just a few political issues. However, Rex Berry isn’t your typical Oklahoma Democrat. He doesn’t favor the same “Tulsa values” as most of us do. Simply put, Democrat candidate for Sheriff Rex Berry favors “San Francisco-style values.”

While Rex has done a good job of omitting his political world view and policy positions from his campaign website, and locking down and scrubbing his Facebook page over the last week to hide his photos, we were fortunate to get plenty of screenshots from his page before he blocked the public eye from getting a feel for exactly who Rex Berry is.

As we’ve shared on our Republican Party of Tulsa County Facebook Page this week and last, Rex has posted dozens of articles, pictures and comments that reveal him to be the most liberal candidate for Sheriff Tulsa has ever had. He’s clearly a supporter of gun control, with over a dozen posts mocking the National Rifle Association and insinuating that citizens who practice their Constitutional right to Keep and Bear Arms and gun manufacturers really are the problem when it comes to gun violence in America, not the criminals who illegally obtain and use a gun in commission of a crime. You get a feel for his cynicism for traditional values by observing his posts supporting the ACLU and Planned Parenthood, several about atheism and referring to himself as a proud “Humanist”, and snarky comments about those of us who support traditional marriage. He’s clearly not a fan of our Republican Congressman Jim Bridenstine, but he certainly has an affinity for the poor job performance of president Obama.

When we consider who to vote for, we should not only consider a candidate’s views on issues directly related to the office they are running for, but also realize that ALL politicians (even “community organizers” from Chicago) don’t get elected to higher office without first starting somewhere locally and working their way up the ladder. Today’s Sheriff can be tomorrow’s County Commissioner, and so forth. While a liberal Sheriff may not seem too innocuous to some voters on the surface, we should keep in mind thesethree points when electing our next Sheriff:

1. Fiscal Responsibility – The Tulsa County Sheriff is not only charged with enforcing the law, running the jail and providing security to the court house. He is also one of just eight voting members on the Tulsa County Budget Board, overseeing every tax dollar spent by our county government. We can’t afford another fiscal liberal making financial decisions on our behalf in Tulsa.

If Liberal Democrat Rex Berry holds the policies and performances of tax-and-spend Liberals like Barrack Obama, it’s not a leap to suggest he will be a fiscal liberal member of the Tulsa Budget Board if elected. Vic Regalado is a Conservative Republican endorsed by former Oklahoma Governor Frank Keating as the right man for the job, and will definitely bring a more conservative balance to our county government.

2. Gun Owner’s Rights – The U.S. Supreme Court recently ruled in favor of the 2nd Amendment by only a 5-4 ruling. It’s no wonder Conservatives are apprehensive about the next Justice appointed by the president, and Republicans insist on blocking his latest nomination on the grounds that he is dead set against honoring our right to Keep and Bear Arms. We are one vote away from losing this right and having a current or future administration (local or federal) enact restrictions, prohibitions and confiscation clauses against gun owners. If and when that day comes, your local Sheriff will be asked to violate the Constitution and enforce these ordinances. It is vital we elect a Sheriff who recognizes and respects our 2nd Amendment rights, and will refuse to carry out such policies against The People.

We know where Liberal Democrat Rex Berry stands on this issue, and that Conservative Republican Vic Regalado is an advocate for gun owners. He is endorsed by the National Rifle Association with an A rating, as well as 2nd Amendment icon Joe Wanamacher. Tulsa is a community of gun owners, and gun owners should get out and vote for Vic Regalado on Tuesday in droves, sending a STRONG message to both political parties: “Our right to protect ourselves and our families is non-negotiable!”

3. Illegal Immigration – The Tulsa County Sheriff is responsible for enforcing the law, not ignoring parts of it he doesn’t like. While the 2nd Amendment is a defining issue in this race, illegal immigration should be a central focus for voters as well, as the candidates have two completely different views on the subject. Liberal Democrat Rex Berry has been quite appealing to pro-amnesty groups lately, reiterating his intent to make Tulsa a “Sanctuary City”, saying he “doesn’t see a benefit” to cooperating with Immigration and Customs Enforcement to enforce our nation’s immigration laws.

Conservative Republican Vic Regalado has been consistent from day one, citing the fact that this issue is personal to him. His family immigrated to America legally, “the right way”, and he opposes the very idea of Tulsa becoming a “Sanctuary City.” He will cooperate with ICE and Homeland Security to enforce the law, which is one of the reasons he has been endorsed by former Tulsa District Attorney Tim Harris.

In closing, this is an opportunity to come together united behind “Tulsa Values” and reject the “San Francisco-style Liberal” values of the Political Left Wing. I urge every Republican voter, every gun-owning voter, every Conservative voter in Tulsa to get out and support Vic Regalado Tuesday with your vote for Tulsa County Sheriff,  regardless of your political party affiliation.

See you at the polls!

Mike Ford

For more information about Tulsa PD Sergeant Vic Regalado, visit  http://vicforsheriff.com/